Additional Product Tests & Services

Function, safety, and wear & tear testing, along with reference sample comparison & sample collection.

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Want to see what we look at on a standard inspection?

Check out this article which walks through what is an inspection!

What are product tests?

Product tests are additional instructions that check the product more in detail than a standard visual inspection. This could include things like plugging in a lamp or breaking a product to make sure it's built correctly.

So what are the different types of tests?

  • Function Tests- Pre-defined tests that confirm the product functions as intended.
  • Safety Tests- For products with specific safety standards (i.e. electronic overvoltage protection tests, or checking a pot's max bearable temperature).
  • Wear & Tear Tests- Simulated wear, tear, and abuse testing to simulate customer use and ensure your products are built to last.

On the next page of this module (Inspections 101), we'll talk about how to come up with product tests!

Sample Services

We offer two sampling services to help increase the effectiveness of your inspection. Depending on your product and needs, these can be critical to doing a good inspection.

If you want to learn more about these two services, when to use them, and what product types they best apply to, please click here!