What is Sample Collection?

Collect samples from your production batch and send it to yourself, a lab, a photographer, etc.

How it Works

  1. You tell us how many units you want us to collect on the booking form.
  2. The inspector will conduct the inspection according to standards. After the inspection, the inspector will collect samples according to your instructions.
  3. The inspector will mail the samples to our warehouse in the country of inspection.
  4. Our bookings team will get in contact with you & quote you some shipping options.
  5. You confirm the address of all recipients and pay associated shipping charges.
  6. Our warehouse ships out the collected samples to you.

When is it needed

Sample collection can be critically useful depending on your product, and your needs. Here some of the most common use cases:

The inspector is an unbiased third-party collecting samples on the basis of your instructions. There is no interference from the factory when selecting samples.

  • Checking finished products before final payment: You can choose to have some bad units or good units shipped to yourself. This helps you see your products before you send them the final payment, especially for first orders with a new supplier.
  • Sending samples for lab testing: The inspector can collect a random sample from the entire production batch, or the uninspected units and send it to your lab for further testing. This is extremely common for electronics, supplements/food products, and fabric products.
  • Sending samples to your photographer/marketing agency: The inspector can handpick the best product in the inspected batch that passed all checks and with pristine packaging, based on your instructions. You can have this sent to your photographer or marketing agency for pictures before the production order arrives. However, we do recommend you send the product to yourself first to verify the products fit your criteria in most cases.


We charge a flat fee of $25/inspection for inspections during which we collect samples. This fee includes the following:

  • Shipping from the factory to our warehouse for most standard/small products
  • Re-packaging & Handling Costs at the warehouse
  • Storage costs for the sample at the warehouse
  • Additional administrative costs for coordination

Please note, you are responsible for the shipping cost of the product from the warehouse to you. Our bookings team will reach out to you and confirm your shipping options & costs before shipping the products from the warehouse.

Booking inspections with sample collection

Sample collection generally takes around 2 weeks from the date of the inspection to when the samples arrive at your location. This takes into account one week for shipping from the factory to the warehouse and processing time. Another week for shipping time from the factory to you, which could take longer depending on the service time of the shipping option you choose.

Ready to book your inspection with sample collection?

Check out this additional article to learn how to fill out the booking form accordingly.