Get Started Here: How do Movley inspections & our service pods work?

Movley does inspections a lot differently. We want to find defective products before your customers do.

Please fill out the get started form on our website before going through this if you haven't already. That'll get you in our system! Your service pod will reach out and introduce themselves shortly thereafter.

First watch this video!

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Video Script:


Hey guys, welcome to this video on how to get started with Movley. Now before I start, I want to talk about Movley and our approach compared to competitors. Now you can go online and search for a China inspection company and get 1000s of competitors, and Movley is your on the ground quality team for the price of an inspection, we do a lot more than just inspections.


First of all, every brand that works with us gets an assigned service pod. So a service pod includes a couple of inspection booking specialists, an account manager, an expert translator, and this is your personal quality control team. Whether you do one inspection a year, or 1000, or you have one product or 100, you'll be working with the same people who will help you understand your business products and your challenges. They'll work with you one on one to better your inspections over time, lower your costs, and handhold you through the inspection process product to product, inspection to inspection. Think of your service pod as your in house personal team that you go to with your issues, your concerns, and your problems. They'll even help you understand what to look for when checking your products.


Your service pod will also help you convey your product quality requirements to us so we can do a better job. And one of the coolest things is that all of our service pods actually talk to each other. So say for example, we have 100 other customers with a similar product to yours, we take the best test and leverage insights and our experience with each individual customer to make everyone's inspections better and more thorough. So if another customer runs into an issue, their service pod will work with them to improve the inspection process and walk them through an action plan. And then you get to leverage all that insight and experience.


And next time you book, you’ll get a note from our team with new testing recommendations and new advice if we have any. We get better and better with every inspection we do. And you’re part of the Movley ecosystem when you work with us.


Now when it comes to the inspection process, even the best inspectors need to understand your products and know what needs to get inspected. So when we rotate inspectors between different inspections, your service pod (aka your team that knows you, your products, and your business) works hand in hand with all of our inspectors, guiding them and making sure that inspection is done right every single time—even bringing in experts local translators when necessary.


And when it comes to our reports, our reports are extremely detailed, so you can make a well informed decision. Every single report starts at around 40 pages on average, with hundreds to 1000s of photos, videos of each test, and instruction on at least one unit so you can see how the inspection was actually done.


Every report even includes a 1-2 page factory overview, so you can keep a pulse on your supplier with every order. We look at things like employee count breakdown by department, business license main product lines, so you can make sure that your supplier is producing proper products and on a good trajectory.


Our pricing is super simple. We bill you based on the amount of time your inspector spends at the factory by the day. Even for the simplest and smallest orders, a good inspection will generally take a day so your inspector has enough time to check enough units to be statistically significant, along with shipping cartons, your factory, etc.

We charge $302/man-day, which includes about 8 hours of inspector time at the factory, transport/accommodations, all our other expenses, and your service pod. Your service pod will recommend time and units to check based on industry averages, but you can always set your own limits (for example, only 1 day or even 5 days).

If the inspection takes less time than quoted, we credit you for the extra days as long as the inspector doesn’t go to the factory for a future inspection. And if it takes more, we cover the cost as long as it’s not something out of our control, and we’ll improve the time codes to better quote you the next time.

We're very transparent on our pricing and what we make on average per inspection.

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And the best thing about all of this is that we’re able to give you your entire quality control team for the same price as an inspection because of our internal tech platform and our processes. We do things differently & Movley, and also because we realize doing a good inspection is not just showing up, but also good setup good reporting and personalized iterative improvements for every single product and every client.