What is an inspection?

Simply put, it's when an inspector physically goes to your factory and checks a random sample size of your products.

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The Basics

An inspection is a careful and thorough examination of your products to ensure the quality of the product being produced is up to proper standards.

  • Units are generally randomly sampled in a statistical manner to inspect as few units but get a statistically significant result.
  • Inspections can be done in the middle of production and before shipment, ideally both and at least before shipment (after all the products have been produced) on every order.

Catching a bad production run before it's complete (say at 20% production completion) can save your company tens of thousands of dollars, and months in order delays if the product needs to be repaired or reproduced.

What We Inspect

You, the business owner, can dictate how simple or complex you want your inspection to be and what you want to cover. The more detailed you get and the more units you check, the more time the inspection will take therefore increasing the cost. 

What's included in a standard Movley inspection?

  • General Specification- Basic product & packaging specifications including size, weight, and color.
  • Visual Check- An in-depth visual check of the entire checked sample size for labeling, visible defects (such as scratches, dents, etc.), large artwork inconsistencies, color inaccuracies/lack of uniformity, and lousy packaging. 
  • Shipping Cartons- Only on pre-shipment inspections, we check carton and pallet labeling, ensuring the cartons are durable for shipping (via carton drop tests), and ensure products are packed well.
  • Production Line Check- Pictures, videos, and a breakdown of how your active production line looks step-by-step. Use this to benchmark between orders to see if the steps change. Only done on during production inspections.
  • Quantity- An approximate order quantity verification of all presented cartons based on random inspection of a number of cartons and total carton counts.
  • Additional Custom Checks- Your specified custom instructions, and our recommended tests based on your specific products. This is the most important part of the inspection for most products.