Can I get a credit based on the hours the inspector spent at the factory?

No, the inspector is booked for the whole day regardless of the time they spend at the factory.

Inspectors are booked for the whole day

Movley books inspectors for a whole day at the factory, and travel/other costs stay the same. There's a lot that goes into our man-day rate including transportation costs, allowances, travel time, administrative costs, auditing, training, a margin for us, and inspector time. As a result, if the inspector finishes the inspection earlier than expected, we do not give credits based on the time the inspector spent at the factory.

We keep a minor amount of padding on each inspection

We do keep a small amount of padding on inspection times to ensure the inspector has time to deal with issues as they come up and deliver the report in the time period promised, generally not spanning more than an hour a day. Padding varies depending on product type & industry.

How our Bill on Maximum Time Guarantee works

However, say the inspector spent 6 hours doing an inspection that we quoted you 2 days for. Our Bill on Maximum Time Guarantee would kick in, and you would receive full credit for the second-day to be used on a future inspection.

We get more accurate time codes with every inspection

We also get more accurate with our quotes with every inspection you do as we cycle back actual-time data from past inspections.

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