Why don't we do hourly/half/less than a day inspections?

We tried it, and ended up with a huge number of customer issues.

Movley assigns inspectors for the entire day. Factories are spread far apart, so doing more than one inspection in a day can easily require 2 hours of transportation time between factories. In an 8 hour work-day, after removing the beginning of the day and end of the day transport time, that only leaves us with 5 hours of inspection time if we're doing two inspections in a day.


Even the smallest orders with the simplest products take more than 2.5 hours to inspect. Additionally, if there is a delay or the inspector needs more time at the factory location, the inspector must leave the inspection unfinished otherwise risk not being able to show for the second inspection entirely. It also puts insane pressure on the inspectors do an inspection in less time than what's physically feasible leading to bad inspection reports, skewed results, and unfinished reports.


When it comes to billing hourly, our inspectors are paid on a salary and a man-day of inspection doesn't just go to the inspector's time. You're also paying for service pod support, meals, transportation, accommodations, and miscellaneous operating expenses such as logistics coordination for all of the above. Those costs are often fixed on a per inspection basis, which means you'll end up spending nearly the same amount for a 4 hour inspection as you would for a 8 hour inspection. Additionally, since we can't do more than one inspection in a day and our inspectors are salaried, the remaining time must be shouldered by Movley regularly. That means high hourly costs to make up for the additional expenses, so you end up paying the same with a more complex pricing structure for what is less service at the end of the day.