Why do you do a factory overview every inspection?

It helps you keep a pulse on your supplier every order, because quality is ultimately dependent on them.

What is the Factory Overview

The factory overview is essentially the first page of our factory audits, comes standard with every inspection report, and gives you data on your supplier such as:

  • Employee Breakdown by Department
  • Business License 
  • Main Product Lines
  • Monthly Production by Product Line
  • Major Customers
  • Factory Size
  • Production Area Pictures
  • Factory Building Pictures
  • Factory Walkthrough Video
  • Supplier Name, location, & contact info
  • Annual revenues
  • Founding Date

Why We Do It

We include this standard for all inspections because your product quality is highly dependent on the quality of the supplier. The factory overview doesn't take much time (around 15-20 minutes on average) and helps you keep a pulse on your supplier on every order.

When employee counts suddenly increase or decline, it can indicate the supplier is growing too fast or even worse shutting down. If the production lines, revenues, or factory facilities change it could indicate problems to come. For example, during COVID, many clients saw primary product lines change to PPE. As a result, they were able to get tighter on future inspections and found rapidly declining product quality.

We've even had clients who proactively discovered their suppliers were going bankrupt and were able to quickly switch suppliers. Without the factory overview, these same clients would've found out too late and lost hundreds in thousands due to stock out.

Skipping the Section

If you do opt to skip the factory overview, please inform our bookings team accordingly. We highly recommend against skipping the factory overview, and the time recouped is insignificant relative to the broader inspection time.