What happens to the defective units found in the inspection?

The defective units are identified, photographed, added to the report, and usually set aside at the factory.

Our Reports

Any units with suspected defects are photographed and added to the report. Depending on the defect type, the inspector will refer to your expected defects and mark it accordingly as a critical/major/minor defect.

You'll be able to see the report to ensure the classification was made correctly.

Defective Units at the Factory

The defective units are usually identified to the factory representatives, and set aside during the inspection for photographs. If you would like to ensure the inspector follows this procedure on your inspection, or you would like to opt out, please inform your service pod accordingly and add it as a separate instruction in the product tests section of your booking form.

Although the inspector sets aside the defective units during the inspection, they are not able to control the factory. Your factory can always decide to move or commingle the units as they wish. If the defects found during the report are concerning or at too high of a rate to be mixed in back with the other units, you need to fail your inspection. Read more about when to fail your inspection here!


If defective units are found in the inspection with random sampling, the same defect percentage will be found in the remainder of the order not checked.

If the defects found are beyond your limit, you'll want to do conduct a re-inspection.

During the re-inspection, the inspector will randomly sample again from the whole production batch to ensure all problems were fixed.