Does the inspector repackage opened units?

Inspectors generally do not re-package opened products or supervise the process.

We work with the factory to open units

Our inspectors are trained to work with the factory to open products, often having a factory representative open specified units as directed by the inspector. This is to prevent the inspector from accidentally damaging the product's packaging during the inspection.

Inspectors report on product packaging

If there are problems with the product packaging (i.e. the product is not sealed to expectations), the inspector notates all findings on the report with pictures, videos, and text descriptions.

The factory repackages the units post-inspection

If there was an issue with the product packaging before the inspector came, the same issues will likely be found in the re-packaged units. If the product was packaged correctly before the inspection, in almost all cases, we've seen the products re-packaged correctly. 

Re-packaging the products is dependent on factory labor and equipment availability, and re-packaging times vary widely. It could be the same day, or a few days later. As a result of the wide time variance and lack of re-packaging problems, Movley inspectors do not monitor repackaging on standard inspections.

If product re-packaging is a concern, we highly recommend asking your factory to re-package opened units as the inspection progresses, and you can work with our bookings team to adapt the inspection process for your custom needs.

You may also opt to have the inspector come back for a re-inspection of the previously opened units. The inspector can check the packaging and final shipping cartons without opening any units.