Can you bill my factory for the inspection?

We're your team, so we bill you! You can forward our invoice to your supplier if you'd like, or ask them to reimburse you.

Movley is your team, which means we bill you directly for our services! That said, you can always forward your invoice to your supplier. Regardless, our service agreements are with you, we bill your company on our system, and we will always report to you exclusively.

We do not come in the middle of you and your factory. If your factory has billing or contractual questions, you'll need to address that directly with your factory. We cannot enforce your contracts or agreements with your supplier.

Paying us directly and getting reimbursed by your supplier

Depending on your agreement, you can always opt to pay us directly and deduct the cost of inspection from the final payment to your supplier. This is preferred for Movley so we can move faster.

All of our invoices are exportable to a PDF anytime. Upon payment, you can export the invoice and submit it to your supplier for proof of purchase if you opt to pay us directly.

Working with your supplier to pay for a re-inspection?

Check out this article here where we break down how to work your supplier!